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What do you want your audiences to do and say differently tomorrow as a result of your event?

I will work with you to design how my keynote will excite, entertain, inform or drive activation.

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I've trained over 10,000 people in digital skills for the past 7 years.

From a lecturer on Google's Squared Online flagship digital marketing programme to the sharp end of digital skills training marketing, creative, advertising agencies and media giants globally.

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I help governments, large businesses and agencies embed better digital capability though: strategy, skills mapping, designing digital delivery teams or coaching digital leaders.

I can help your leadership team set your digital strategic direction and help you get there.

Head over to my digital strategic consultancy, Transmute for Web3 workshops and helping you realise commercial digital opportunities, digital coaching, campaigns and skills.

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Are you an independent consultant, consultancy business or  leader seeking transformation support?

Want to drive your consultancy business to the next level?

Want to break through into a consistent 6 or 7-figure business whilst still having a life-work balance?

I can help you build a flexible, profitable, scalable, consultancy business FASTER.  

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