Consultancy Club

Community, tools, training and resources for Independent Consultants


I’m Tiffany St James, I’ve been an independent consultant for 20 years. 

I’ve learnt the hard way all the tips and tricks of consulting and running my own consultancy business without staff, without an office and overheads, whilst still working with globally known brands and organisations.

My core value is freedom

Freedom to work independently of place

Freedom to choose the type of work I deliver

Freedom to work around my daughter’s school holidays

To have a consistent income

To grow a business with no or low overheads

To grow a business without turning up 9-5

To grow a business without managing a team day to day

I want to show you how you can have a flexible, profitable, scalable consultancy business, faster.

Being an independent consultant has its fair share of challenges


What works?

  • How much should I charge?
  • How do I create proposals that win?
  • And the biggie: How do I create consistent revenue?


It can be isolating

  • Who can you share your thinking and approach with?
  • Who can you discuss day-to-day business of consulting with?
  • Who can ra-ra you and who can you celebrate your wins with?


You are always learning

  • Are there better methods of consulting?
  • What consulting models are out there that you should use?
  • What processes will free you up to help you fly?


I’ve run a free Facebook Group for the last few years for independent consultants, just search Consultancy Club in Facebook Groups.

My members there have told me that:

  • They want deeper connections between members
  • They want informal meet ups with like-minded people
  • They want more of the training I deliver

 So, I have created a membership that addresses all that and more:

  • A private network where you can build your profile and connect with others
  • Monthly video training on key issues to help consultants grow
  • Monthly live implementation session on the latest training
  • Monthly live collaborative sessions for connection, collaboration and coaching
  • A resource library for you to dip into at any time to professionalise your consultancy

 AND, and for me, this is a biggie:

  • The Systemise Capability Map
  • The actions, milestones and roadmap to systemise your consultancy to enable you to have a flexible, profitable, scalable consultancy faster

I spent a decade transforming early digital government and now work with respected brands and organisations globally, working mostly virtually.

 I’ve consulted for Google, The BBC, Channel 4, The Guardian, Coca-Cola, the National Trust, Sony, The Post Office, Prudential, Viacom including MTV and Nickelodeon.

My public sector work includes Cabinet Office, UK Parliament, overseas governments, many London Borough, City and County Councils.

I’ve run workshops, thinktanks, hack days and conferences,

I’ve undertaken audits, written strategies, 3-year roadmaps and invented new commercial arms.

I’ve run crisis units, run 8 figure digital transformation programmes, built face to face and online global academies and trained over 10,000 people in digital skills.

I’ve won a few global awards, held down a few Non-Exec positions and lecture next gen talent.

I’ve have flexible, profitable, scalable consultancies working around my daughter’s school holiday for a number of years and I’ve learned what works refined over 20 years of independent working.

I currently run 3 businesses, 2 consultancies and an online training company to help agencies grow.

I want to share the knowledge that I know works to help you work smarter in your consultancy contracts and business. To free you up to have better choice, better consistent income, more flexibility and share with you how to scale, even if its just you, with no overheads or staff.

I want to do that in a consistent and manageable way to enable you to learn and embed new ideas and ways of working.

We’re going to do this together through my membership.

Consultancy Club Membership

Be part of the community and learning programme that is designed for consultants by consultants to enable you to have a flexible, profitable, scalable business, faster.

 01 Community

A private network where you can connect with others who have the same challenges for collaborative working support, camaraderie, and partnership.

02 Resource Library

Key resources to enable you to dip into to professionalise and grow your consultancy, positioning, pipeline and knowledge.

03 Monthly Training

Self-paced video training on issues directly affecting consultants to enable you to apply tried and tested step by step methods to grow your business.

04 Live interactive sessions

Virtual monthly sessions to review the training to help you put it into practice, Opportunity to select Group Coaching, addressing your consultancy issues.

05 The Systemise Capability Map

The actions, milestones and roadmap to systemise your consultancy to enable you to have a flexible, profitable, scalable consultancy faster, whether you are a serial contractor, independent consultant or run a consultancy.


James, Agency owner

"Through the training Tiffany delivered I grew my agency from £500k to over £2million embedding the processes she shared with us."

Sarah, Training Consultant

 "So much information and experience shared, I feel like I can follow Tiffany's advice and miss a lot of painful mis-adventuring."

Martin, Biz Dev Consultant

"I have to say the analytics portion of the course really caught my attention and I'm fairly certain it helped secure my new position!"

Laura, SAM, Creative Agency 

"It's the best training I've attended (I'd say ever). I thought it was brilliant, and so useful."


Martin, Social Media Manager 

"My manager will be blown away with everything I have learned today"

Nupur, B2B Consultant


"What you shared in those 33 minutes was more valuable than most of the seminars, corporate trainings and webinars I have attended in the last few years. Pragmatic tips that one can start implementing immediately without theory or technical jargon, so thank you for the incredible lesson."

Katherine, Comms Consultant

"Just wanted to say thanks so much again for such a super session – I came away with all the knowledge I was looking for, and then some!

We’ve been brainstorming a lot within my team recently about this very topic, and I think the takeaways from today’s session will be integral to how we develop our strategy."

Community and Training

£67/m or £650/y

Top features

Whether you're new to consulting or looking to scale your consultancy business, the resources and training are devised to help you systemise your consultancy approach and help you grow.

  • Private Community
  • Self-paced learning
  • Live monthly Q+A training
  • Resource library
  • Systemise Capability Map



Community and Training and Group Coaching

£99/m or £950/y

Top Features

Whether you're new to consulting or looking to scale your consultancy business, the resources, training and coaching are devised to help you systemise your consultancy approach and help you grow.

  • All of the Community and Training aspects
  • Group Coaching call where I address your direct consultancy needs, questions and issues
  • Questions submitted in advance
  • Key resources shared from coaching calls available as resources

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Consultancy Club is currently closed.

We may open again for a few days in August 2023.

We are currently onboarding our next cohort of members.

I would very much love you to be part of the next journey when we open again.

Please do sign up to the waitlist below and I will let you know when we reopen again.