Support for leaders and independent consultants

Flexible support, where and when you need it

With 20 years of experience in digital transformation and leading teams, as well as running my own consultancies, through pitching and winning globally-renowned clients whilst working independently, there are processes, systems and experience I have that can help you, no matter if you are a business leader or an independent consultant.

I can help you:

  • Work through challenges you currently have
  • Review different approaches to your key needs and challenges
  • Understand your motivations and ensure your activities are aligned with your future direction

Below are three ways in which we can work together to give you the support you need.


Intervention - One month programme


Best for:

Kickstarting a 12-month plan

The Audit

 Remote digital and data review of your website and social presences to understand what you say about yourself and any internal business or comms plans you wish to share.

Questionnaire to understand business challenges and motivations.

Depth interview to hear directly from you on what you are looking to solve.

Depth Day

 An in-person (London) or online depth day to focus on your key challenges and work through a live plan of approach together in how you will tackle them.

Touchpoint Calls

Two one-hour video or phone calls within the month to drive you further forward.



Business Leaders £5000

Independent Consultants £3000


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Monthly Directional Coaching


Best for:

Addressing specific challenges

About Directional Coaching

Most coaching approaches ask you questions to help you determine the answers. In a directional coaching approach, I also bear on my experience to suggest approaches that can work for you


Two Calls Per Month

Two, one-hour calls per month to focus on anything you specifically need as well as accountability and progress to action plan delivery.



Business Leaders £2000

Independent Consultants £1000







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Monthly  Coaching (Group) 


Best for:

General monthly support

One hour group call

Your questions answered as part of a monthly group call.

Questions submitted in advance or asked as part of an interactive group session.

As part of monthly Consultancy Club.

Find out more about Consultancy Club and join waitlist.













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Why I can help


I spent a decade transforming early digital government and now work with respected brands and organisations globally, working mostly virtually.

I’ve consulted for Google, The BBC, Channel 4, The Guardian, Coca-Cola, the National Trust, Sony, The Post Office, Prudential, Viacom including MTV and Nickelodeon.

My public sector work includes Cabinet Office, UK Parliament, overseas governments, many London Borough, City and County Councils.

I’ve run workshops, thinktanks, hack days and conferences,

I’ve undertaken audits, written strategies, 3-year roadmaps and invented new commercial arms.

I’ve run crisis units, run 8 figure digital transformation programmes, built face to face and online global academies and trained over 10,000 people in digital skills.

I’ve won a few global awards, held down a few Non-Exec positions and lecture next gen talent.

I’ve have flexible, profitable, scalable consultancies working around my daughter’s school holiday for a number of years and I’ve learned what works refined over 20 years of independent working.

I currently run 2 businesses, a consultancy and an online training company to help agencies grow.

I want to share the knowledge that I know works to help you work smarter in your business or consultancy.