Hack the Government

In December 2012 Tiffany gave a presentation all about hacking the Government as Medea, Malmo

Citizen Engagement in the Post-Digital Decade

On November 14 2012, Tiffany gave a Medea Talk about citizen digital engagement.

How To Embed Social Media In Your Business

In Oct 2012¬†Delphine Remy-Boutang & Tiffany St James sum up their session at the Orange corner of the Women’s Forum dealing with how to embed social media in your business.

The Stimulation Equation

In July 2012, Tiffany was selected to be one of the inaugural Tech City 100, the 100 people who are defining the next generation of creative digital businesses in the UK.

#whatstrending Group’s Event About B2B Social Media

Tiffany St James: social media strategist, international speaker and founder of Stimulation Ltd talks at the Linkedin #whatstrending group’s event about B2B Social Media on Wed 30th Jan 2013.

Social TV: Getting Your Social House In Order

Tiffany St James, Social Media Strategist, Stimulation Ltd shares tips for getting your social house in order and insights in to the changing habits of the social audience and how use of 2nd screen can effectively engage with them. Recorded at the second in the series of ConnectedUK events on 22nd May 2012, organised by the IPA, UKIE, PACT and BIMA.

Using Online Communities To Galvanise Like-Minded Participants

In February 2011 Tiffany talks at Lift, Geneva, about how people are using online communities to galvanise like-minded participants into action and what we can learn from grass-roots community collaboration to support our own endeavours.